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Photos Everywhere
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This is a community for all of us who *love* taking photos and have no where to post them. Either our friends don't want them on thire pages or whatever! Post them here, come and post your pictures and share with everyone your photographic prowess... Post pictures of your room, your family, your pets, yourself or whatever!

However, unfortunatly there has to be some rules - Please, No X-rated posting, i understand that sex is art, but please not here, and the other rule is that please only post one picture per entry. You can post as many entries as you want but please only one per entry. (if you must post more please use the LJ-cut code) Some people's computers can't handle the insane load of 20 entries with 20 pictures per page, we want everyone to be able to join. So please have fun and join and post your pictures!!!

Hosting Information
Okay, I know it's difficult to find hosts that will allow you to link to pictures, so here i will post a few that will allow you to:

http://www.envy.nu - Fair amount of space, better for making webpages, not down often, but very slow.
http://www.virtue.nu - Same problems as Envy.
http://www.genericwebhost.com - Excellent and inexpensive hosting for 4 dollars a month. Paying for a service is your best bet in the long run.

Unfortunatly most of the free picture hosting services have dried up over the years, and there's not much left. Let me know if you have found any good ones.

I know, I know. I hate to be a pain about this. But communities are for sharing a common interest, and not promotion. This community is about photos, and people who want to look at photos. Not advertisements. If you want to find other communities about photos, please click on the interests on the interests page. Livejournal does a good job, and makes them easy to find.